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Internet Anonymity Services and Privacy Solutions

One of the oldest and most well known commercial anonymous HTTP proxy provider with free services and SSL support. Somewhat obtrusive appearance. No software installation required.

be hidden tip

Free traffic-limited HTTP proxy. Encrypts URLs, which don´t even show up in the browser history.

Browzar tip

If your sole intention is to leave no traces on the Windows PC used for browsing the web, this is a very clever solution. Browzar is a complete webbrowser packed into a single executable file. It´s extremely small footprint of 217 KByte allows it even to be downloaded on demand or to be executed directly from a network drive. By internally using the IE engine it renders most webpages correctly, including those using ActiveX, Java or Flash. Upon termination, all cookies, autocomplete data, cache, history and other files are deleted automatically.


Open Source tool to make and maintain a stable SSH connection via a SSH server to any PC located behind a firewall. This secure connection may then be used to effectively tunnel any TCP/IP port traffic through firewalls and NAT routers. Too bad that It requires MS.Net Framework.


HTTP proxy provider, less commercially oriented than others sites and has SSL support. Free service is somewhat slow. No software installation required. tip

Paid privacy service with anonymous email, multiple domains, PGP encryption, spam protection and SSH tunnelling for port based traffic. The absense of exaggerated claims in combination with thorough information about their services makes cotse stand out clearly from the crowd.

CyberGhost tip

Encryption software based on OpenVPN. After enabling anonymous mode the software encrypts all internet traffic except email with AES-256 strength and sends it via a proxy server owned by S.A.D. Software GmbH in Germany. Up to 1 GB traffic is free, if you need more you have to pay a monthly rate. Speed is excellent, even in the free plan. The software is easy to install and very easy to use.


Anonymizing HTTP proxy service with toolbar for controlled blocking of cookies, images, ads and scripts. SSL is available in paid subscription service. Free service is heavily clustered with ads.


Commercial software solution to tunnel traffic from SOCKS compatible applications (such as web browsers) through company firewalls and http proxies. No information about encryption available.

JAP tip

One of the best privacy software solutions available, even though development is not yet quite finished. The service is still free at the moment, but operation is not very fast and lacks availability. They are working on a promising concept with multiple proxies (mixes). Servers are located in Germany. You should definitely try this out.

MegaProxy tip

Commercial HTTP proxy provider with fast, free SSL access. Disables the browser URL-Window in order to avoid browsing inadvertently unsecured. No software installation required.

Metropipe Tunneler

Commercial service with promising concept and high ethical claim. We hope to have a review shortly.


Paid HTTP proxy service.  A large Info area allows for easy selection of security filters, such as Java and ad blocking, but eats up lots of desktop viewing space. Supports SSL; no software installation required.

Fully commercial service with aggressive marketing, targeting the technically less inclined. Offers broad range of privacy solutions; multilingual.

Steganos Internet Anonym Pro

Commercial client software that continuously switches between a number of external proxy servers located all over the world. Steganos has severe security deficits. Test report (German)


Very well documented open source toolkit for anoymizing arbitrary IP traffic while traversing the internet. Uses a mechanism called “Onion Routing” where TCP streams are broken up and their packets being sent through a random network of Tor-Servers, similar to the “Mix”-concept of JAP. For anonymous surfing you must install additional proxy software, such as Privoxy. The effective throughput is surprisingly high.

Ultimate Anonymity

Commercial anonymity service located in Florida, promising life-time access for a small one-time fee.


Very fast, free Web-Anonymizer with URL-encryption. It is not yet rock-stable but looks promising.


Commercial VPN service offered by Golden Frog Inc. that  encrypts all internet traffic at high speed. This is in contrast to proxy solutions that encrypt  just the browser data. With industry standard protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IPsec or OpenVPN there is no need to install any additional client software if your operating system supports one of these protocols directly. A choice of different internet access locations in US and Europe allows to circumvent localized content restrictions and minimizes latency.

your-freedom tip

Your Freedom is a complete http-ssl-tunnel solution based on a proprietary java-based client sortware. Free services are speed-limited to 64kb/s, more bandwidth is available at a reasonable charge. Your Freedom supports http, https, socks and a unique and easily configurable port forwarding mechanism. IP traffic is completely ssl-encrypted and routed over a network of automatically changing proprietary proxies. We rate speed, usabilty, functionality and speed as excellen.


A commercial PPTP based VPN service that encrypts all internet traffic. The VPN High Speed Servers are located in the Netherlands, UK, USA, Switzerland, Canada and Germany and are switchable within one account. It features packages with different speeds, the high speed
packages enabling streaming TV of locally restricted sites like BBC, Hulu, Zattoo. No need to install software, but their "EasyConnect" tool can be used to establish  a connection in minutes.

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