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IP Address, IP Location


My public IP Address:  more...


DNS lookup of this address: 


Who owns this IP Address?

IP-Checker, IPwhois, DNSquery


Geolocate my IP Address:

City-from-IP, GeoBytes, IP-Checker, more..


My private LAN IP Address:

IPinfo.exe (execute program!)


IP Address Calculator:

SubnetCalc, EquivIP


Anonymous Surfing, Security


Anonymous Surfing:

HideMe, Megaproxy, Tor Browser, Cloak, JAP, yfreedom, more...


How vulnerable is my browser?

bcheck, Qualiys


Firewall Security Check:

Sygate, dslreports, LANguard


Search & remove spyware:

Malwarebytes, Spybot, AdAware


Online Virus Check:

VirusTotal, MetaDefender, VirScan


Virus Scanner Test



Website Security Test

WebInspector, Sucuri, Pentest


Is my wireless network secure?



 Protect stolen devices

VeraCrypt, Prey Locator, MIcrosoft Bitlocker


Email, Spam, DNS


Am I listed on a Blocklist?

MXToolbox, BLcheck, oRBL


Open Mail Relay Check:

MxToolbox, AppRiver


Anonymous Email:

spambog, mailexpire, more..


DNS Server Test

squish, openspf, qualidator


Speed, Web-Hosting, etc.


Internet Speed Check:

Fast,, Xfinity


VoIP Quality Test



Broken Link Checker

AtomSeo, BrokenLinkcheck, W3C-Linkchecker


How does IE show my site?

IE NetRenderer, more...


How fast is my webserver?



How popular is my website?

UptimeBot, RankingSpy


Is this domain still available?

Domainsbot, WhoisSource, Domainhole


Webmaster Tools & Resources:

webmastertk, seotools


TCP/IP Ports, RFCs:

IP Ports, RFCeditor, RFCcat 

tip02  Enhanced Google IP Search...

How to find out your IP Address

This portal is about your public and private IP addresses and all related security information. Whether  you want to hide your IP, surf anonymously or ask yourself: what is an IP Address, anyway? We will give you answers and links to the best internet-related tools on the web...

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